Milk Kefir

Milk Kefir will be good for your digestion and therefore your body generally without the supplements I add:

  • Whey protein.
  • Glutamine, though I eat a lot of eggs, so get plenty from those and stopped.
  • BCAA.
  • For a short time Inulin, though I get a lot of dietary fibre from various foods.
  • Recently Creatine.

I am a big fan of L-Glutamine generally, and whey protein is a great way to add additional protein to your diet, whether your goal is to build muscle mass or just as a supplement. BCAA is claimed to aid muscle recovery after training and although my experience is subjective, I’d agree.

The main point to note about making Milk Kefir is not to leave it to ferment for too long, or it will curdle. As soon as you see the milk thicken then it’s ready.

Kefir ferments at different rates because of:

  • Temperature, the higher the temperature the faster the Kefir will ferment all of the milk.
  • The ratio of Kefir grains to milk, i.e. the more Kefir grains in a given amount of milk the faster the Kefir will ferment the milk.

I’ve found fermenting milk with Kefir grains very easy. The right sieve, jug, wide mouth mason jars with plastic lids definitely help.

Milk Kefir fermentation is anaerobic, and some sources recommend excluding any air getting in. All I can say is that the method above works well for me. Fermenting milk Kefir produces carbon dioxide which is heavier than air, so will prevent oxygen coming into contact with the milk and Kefir grains which tend to float on top.

A few people who have tried the Kefir I make say it is quite a sour taste, but to me it is actually quite a sweet drink. I have given up processed foods that contain sugar or salt, and I really do feel that my taste buds have normalised. I remember even in my early twenties when I had stopped putting sugar in my tea, and then some time afterwards having a cup with sugar in and thinking what a sickly sweet taste.

Kefir grains grow and you will find that you need to reduce the amount every so often. If you can persuade your social circle to try milk Kefir then give them away, otherwise great nutrition for the birds and wildlife.