The intake of supplements can get out of hand, and certainly over the course of this project I have tried quite a few, although they were and are all natural.
Most of the supplements you can buy over the counter in tablet form, such as zinc or magnesium etc. can’t be absorbed by the body directly. They need to be carried by e.g. in the case of magnesium, banana’s, which contain magnesium. So if you think you need magnesium, eat bananas or some other food which contains it; that simple 😉

Leading on from here, I would be a big fan of providing the body with the correct nutrition. In fact it is vital to do this, and it isn’t just my opinion !

  • L-Glutamine; I have for whatever reason been keen on since around 2001.
  • During the first serious attempt, I tried whey protein and now use it daily as part of my diet, I am a big fan.
  • BCAA. There are numerous claims for Branch Chain Amino Acids for those doing above average exercise or weight training. One is that BCAA may help people suffering from liver disease 🙂 Did taking BCAA coincide with my giving up milk thistle 🤔
  • Inulin, I tried late on, after doing a fast which included eating celery. I did some research on dietary fibre and inulin came up as having a beneficial effect on the good bacteria of the lower bowel. It is essentially a prebiotic, as is celery. I eat a lot of foods that are high in dietary fibre, so only added Inulin for a short while.

NOTE all of the four supplements above are found in a balanced diet. Celery is actually food, hard to believe I know !

Mental health is affected just as much as physical health by the nutrition we consume.
Have to add my strong opinion is that both physical and mental health are also greatly affected by our environment !