You can’t beat long duration aerobic exercise for burning fat 😉 this is a fact ! the body starts to burn fat after around fifteen minutes of exercise, so go for an eight hour mountain hike and you are definitely going to burn fat 😉
I love mountain hiking, they are not just a walk, over rough ground with all the twisting and changes of direction you will tone up your entire body.

There are a lot of videos on YouTube which suggest that aerobic exercise isn’t the best way to loose fat. I’d say they are at the extreme of the scale, i.e. losing the very last of it on your abdomen and lower back.

My experience has and still is that long duration aerobic exercise is a fabulous way to burn fat.

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I’d love to do more of them, but there are other things to do, time is a always a factor.

There are actually quite a few definitions of aerobic exercise. My simple definition would be any exercise which covers the ground, increases your heart rate and makes you breath deeply, rhythmically and continuously for fifteen minutes or more:

  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Walking
Bidean nam Bian pools below Stob corie nan Lochan

Hiking can be done on a budget, just be aware of the risks, nature is unforgiving !

I love going on the mountain bike, and had some fabulous days out on the SUV tracks in the Scottish Highlands

Carn an Righ steep down path

Ski touring is amazing, though climate change means the opportunities are limited now.
Anyway, it was nice while it lasted

Glenshee back country north

Mountain walks, mountain biking and ski touring never ever feel like exercise 🙂

As I say there are always time constraints. During the winter, shorter days and bad weather limit opportunities.

Currently I use a rowing machine. It’s fabulous, I love it. An easy way to get my aerobic calories burnt.