Weight Training

I’ve always wanted to improve my physique and have dabbled in weight training on and off since my early twenties, though a lack of sustained motivation and then ill health at the last place I stayed made it nearly impossible to make any progress.

Even when I moved to Ireland injuries and poor posture impacted the efforts I made.

I’ve had several gym setups over the course of this project. Currently I have a fabulous setup which I really enjoy using, training in it’s a pleasure 🙂

I have put on some muscle mass over the years, though from mid 2022 onwards I started lifting weights which were a lot lighter with more reps. I remember this from early teens doing pushups, I increased the reps by two a day and was quickly doing over a hundred 😮 I’m not sure I will ever get back to that again, though for me personally I do gain more muscle mass with lighter weights and more reps rather than pushing to lift heavy weights. Definitely lift within your capabilities ! Get injured and you’ll may not even be lifting light weights.