Wet firewood 😧

Wet firewood, this certainly shocked me 😧

I was expecting perhaps half a pint of water for each log, but more than a full imperial pint !
I suspect even the reasonable firewood that you buy from the petrol stations etc. won’t be that dry.

The regulations in Ireland from what I understand is less that 15% moisture content. If the logs I dried had a 15% moisture content, then they’d still be too wet in my opinion.
At 15% half a pint of water would need to be boiled off per log, so say six logs in your fire, then three pints ! remarkable !

Considering how easy it is to dry in a poly tunnel, and Eucalyptus that I dried out last year in the poly tunnel took nine weeks to be less than 10% moisture content. A year later and I’d estimate it is less than 5% which is getting to the dryness I would consider acceptable.
Firewood is a very good fuel, but it does need to be dry