bog lizard

Bog Lizard Ireland

I’ve always been keen on Eucalyptus for some reason, perhaps the smell when the leaves are crushed, or perhaps because my parents used to talk about gum trees.

Whatever the reason, once I got enough land to grow a few, I did and do. It quickly developed into business. Now five years on, I recon I have worked my apprenticeship, made quite a few mistakes, one particularly detrimental one 🙁 though also made a lot of good decisions and came up with some innovations I am proud of.

Where did the name bog lizard come from ?
When I first arrived, there was a small quarry just down the road, and I got some of the loose crushed shale rock to fill in some holes in the garden and build a surround for the septic tank.
While I was down gathering up the stone, I saw this common lizard amongst the rocks

original common lizard photo

It was quite happy to let me get quite close and take a few photos.

A next door neighbour said you often saw then and called them “bog lizards” and hence the name stuck in my mind.